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As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, individuals can now find real time market data and news on iOS and Android devices. ZeroBlock displays real time price quotes from BitStamp, Mt.

Gox, Btc-e, btcchina, and Coinbase.

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ZeroBlock was founded by Dan Held and Kevin Johnson in May and has become the highest rated and most reviewed Bitcoin-related app in the Apple app store. ZeroBlock, which combines real vercoin į btc Bitcoin market data with an aggregated news feed, gives users a platform for instant access to everything happening on the Vercoin į btc market in real time.

ZeroBlock recently broke 1, total app sessions and in recent weeks has been opened 30, — 50, times daily by users.

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Real time price quotes are provided from BitStamp, Mt. Blockchain information is provided from the popular wallet service, blockchain. Other features provided on the app include a personal holdings calculator, Clark Moody charts, and vercoin į btc ability to share news feed articles via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. During the April price spike, they vercoin į btc difficulty finding mobile apps that would display the live price and relevant news feeds.

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So they decided to create exactly what they wanted. They built an app from scratch that would emphasize simplicity, usability, and aesthetics.

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The screen layout is similar to a plus sign. No hidden menus or unnecessary swipes.

ZeroBlock Bitcoin App Now Available on Android Devices

An intuitive design for an intuitive currency. Johnson is also the head of mobile development at Ripple Labs.

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The ZeroBlock team takes the Bitcoin mobile experience to the next level as they constantly iterate, keeping the app relevant and accurate. And in the horizon, they hope to build a tablet vercoin į btc for their most dedicated Bitcoiner fans. ZeroBlock continues to strive to be the only app Bitcoin users need to keep up with the Bitcoin markets.

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